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Good "Jeans" - Denim That Is!

We all can agree that denim jeans are a wardrobe must have! From the classic skinny, to the bell bottom flare, denim trends are taking us back down memory lane with cropped hems, two-tones, high-waists, and "mom-jeans" included in this season's trends. Denim jeans are essential and cohesive with just about any piece in your wardrobe. I mean, let's face it; you can wear denim a trillion different ways dressed up or dressed down. As a mom, I love the versatility of denim especially on days I am running the kids around, running errands, etc. They go perfect with a cute flat and I can even turn my outfit into a happy hour look by throwing on some cute heels and accessories. Bottom line, denim jeans are a win-win situation so don't be afraid to show off your good genes -- oops I meant, "jeans"! LOL (corny, I know!)

3 tips on selecting a pair just right for you:

1) Pricing: A quality pair of denim jeans can be a bit pricey however, it could worth it in the long run, as you can get more washes and wear out of them. Remember, the quality of the fabric matters and you may have to spend a few extra dollars for that reason alone.

2) Understand Your Body Type: You may see labels such as skinny, wide, boot-cut, boyfriend, straight-leg, etc. Ask yourself: Are the jeans high-waisted? Low-rise? Mid-rise? Knowing which style(s) fit your body shape best and determining the rise of the jeans, will help you narrow down a pair just right for you. Also, think about length (for heel height, flat shoes, etc.) and how the fall of the jeans will look based on the type of shoe that would be ideal for the style you're selecting.

3) The Wash: There are variations in denim washes from dark to light and some "fun" styles that may include rips, shreds, and fades. Try and be cognizant of these styles when determining the look you're trying to acheive. Some cuts and washes may appear overwhelming if paired with too many accessories.

Here are a couple of my favorite denim looks:

Ke, (@always.a.klassic on Instagram) keeps it simple here in a pair of distressed skinnies from Zara, paired with a low cut white swimsuit (worn as a shirt) from Khloe Modhouse. Throw on a pair of cross-toe heels here as she did to create a more classic, simplistic look.



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