About Us


Purpose, passion, and fashion are the heartbeat that gives life to Khloe ModHouse, the luxury apparel and accessory line establish and founded by Keturah B., in 2014. Featuring the trendiest, handpicked must haves, Khloe ModHouse is known for their exclusive line of swimwear, athleisure sets, modern and contemporary office to happy hour pieces, and we can’t forget the statement jewelry, designed to give flare to your already fashionable look.

As if that wasn’t enough, Keturah B., decided she would continue to dominate the boutique business by adding custom made, intricately designed, vegan leather handbags to the line-up. Instantly they were a hit, with her Speak Life mini tote selling out within twenty-four hours.

Keturah B. knew that Khloe ModHouse would be more than a household name and would change the lives of women around the world, by allowing their fashion to speak for them. “Handbags are an asset to a woman’s wardrobe” is a motto that Keturah B. lives by.

With luxury handbags often being a symbol of success and social stature, Keturah B. had a new game changer. More than a symbol of success because of its value, Khloe Modhouse bags stand out because they aren’t just curated by any Black woman, they’re curated with love by Keturah B. herself.

The designer adamantly attributes her success to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With his will paving the way, you can expect to see the brand in your local department stores in the near future. Until then, shop the brand exclusively at www.khloemodhouse.com, and follow the journey via social media platforms at @shop.khloemodhouse.