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Urban Turbans: When Tradition Meets Fashion!

Traditional turbans have once again, made its way on the heads of runway models, street-style fashionistas, fashion-forward celebrities, and style icons around the world. Well renown American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, added these key accessories to his Spring 2018 collection, showcased during this year's New York fashion week. We've seen our favorite celebrities like Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Beyonce', Sarah Jessica Parker, Kourtney Kardashian and a host of others wear these fashionable, rich-in-tradition, head crowns. Turbans are super fun and so versatile; not to mention they give off a queen-like sensation. What women doesn't want to walk the city feeling fashionable and royal?

Whether you choose a plain or fun-patterned wrap, adding it to your fall accessory lineup is a must! This quick go-to piece can be perfectly paired with a cocktail dress, faux fur, trench, blazer, or a casual tee and jeans.

Here at Khloe ModHouse, we've added our own collection of sparkly turbans that come in emerald-green, royal blue, golden delight, and black. Check them out in our Fall Collection.

We've compiled a few looks to give you an idea of how to rock your Khloe ModHouse 'Urban Turban':





*All images are from Google*

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